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Title Welcome to IAGG website Views 116 Date 2017.01.23


I want to express my appreciation for your visit to the IAGG Website. As you see, IAGG Seoul Headquarters is fully up and running to deal with research, training and policy development for older people all over the world.

With IAGG’s mission in mind, we intend to promote the highest levels of research and training worldwide while interacting with other academic organizations and NGOs to pursue the goal of ensuring the well-being and high quality-of-life of older persons.

We also wish to play a role in bridging Eastern and Western cultures in the best possible ways to benefit of the ever increasing number of older persons as they become a more significant segment of national populations.

We hope that this website will provide information for those seeking knowledge on a variety of aspects of ageing.

Finally, on behalf of the IAGG, I would like to extend our warmest best wishes to all of you who are interested in ageing and the aged.

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